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Check Out The Circle Up Indy Podcast

Circle Up Indy, a podcast hosted by James Wilson, puts the spotlight on issues associated with socio-economic trauma that plague the circle city. The podcast is on

In this podcast, we explore the perpetual gray areas that exist in our community.  From racial inequality to systemic racism, James brings to light the topics that are overlooked, stories that need to be told, and voices that have fallen silent. Join James on a mission to explore these gray areas and build resolution by telling our stories, seeking key and practical answers, challenging funders and political leaders. This platform will bring together community leaders, friends, family, and neighbors to promote real progressive evolution within our city and state. 

Circle Up Indy

Founded in 2003, Circle Up Indy is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing violence by connecting people with existing resources, collaborating with other organizations, and creating new resources and programs.