2019 Peace Festival

On August 10th, 2019, Circle Up Indy and Mission 28:19 were among thousands all over the world who marched for peace. Thanks to all who made this even a huge success!

Circle Up Indy (CUI) held the 2019 Peace Festival on Saturday, August 10 at Douglas Park, 1616 East 25th Street.

Title Sponsor Community Hospital East

In addition to offering raffles with prizes (furniture, toys, tablets, gift cards, etc.), the event featured a wide range of information and resources staffed by local organizations who helped us focus on addressing untreated trauma and community accountability. The event once again included the cornerstone: a Community Hospital Healthcare Zone staffed by Community Hospital East nurses, physicians, and dozens of volunteers providing attendees with free mental and physical health screenings, free youth sports physicals, health, and wellness information, as well as free gifts.  Their dedication to helping has been unwavering since the first Peace Festival in 2014.

Community Socioeconomic Trauma

Living in poverty or living at a low socioeconomic status is one of the most significant social determinants of poor physical and mental health, intersecting with all other determinants including employment, education, local social and community conditions, race/ethnicity, gender, immigration status, health and access to care, and neighborhood factors. Furthermore, the ramifications of untreated trauma, including untreated mental illness, untreated substance use disorders, the institutionalization experienced while incarcerated, and the absence felt by parents and children of loved ones who are incarcerated can be a determining factor for violence later in life.

Community Accountability

For this event, we challenged everyone in the community to talk candidly about the issues that lead to violence and crime, and to commit to action. We asked everyone, “what can you do to help push back against the forces traumatizing Indianapolis communities?” Our effort is to specifically discuss and then address the trauma many families experience related to social and economic inequality, by seeking to increase community accountability across the city.

What You Can Do 

This accountability can take many forms: donating time or money to one of the many organizations working to change the cycle of poverty and violence; staying informed and participating in community events; using the power of your vote to support elected officials who have demonstrated a concern for these issues; helping a neighbor in need;  listening to those who are suffering and sharing your experience, knowledge, and compassion to help them find a positive way forward. It has been said that “if you know better, you will do better,” but this can only happen when a viable path towards that better life is available.

Collective Impact

Collective impact is more than just words. For the 2019 Peace Festival and throughout the year Edna Martin Christian Center, One Voice, CUI, and other community-based organizations continued fighting socioeconomic issues. Circle Up Indy with our dedicated partners began pushing the MB7 initiative, which sets seven priorities that mark the route to long-term change for the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood:

  •  25th Street Corridor
  • Martindale-Brightwood Food-Resource Network
  • Martindale Brightwood Education Zone (MBEZ) and Housing Village
  • Leadership & Legacy Campus
  • Community Solutions & Entrepreneurship Center (CSEC)
  • Community Voice News Network
  • PACE Recovery Resource Center

This initiative is poised to directly address some of the most critical issues impacting our community.

CUI’s Mission

CUI’s mission is to rejuvenate and empower the communities of Indianapolis by inspiring relationships, motivational mentoring, and encouraging education and connections. We are dedicated to linking people to the resources they need and working with organizations to refine those services. The 2019 Peace Festival gave everyone involved a beautiful, productive, and peaceful day, and a renewed sense of urgency for addressing these issues.

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Visit our Facebook page to see the live-streamed video from the Peace Festival, including James Wilson’s podcast, Circle Up Indy; and be on the lookout for more photos and videos from the event in the near future!

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