A new wave in community development

What is Rising Evolution?

It is the basis of a true community co-op where the community invests in themselves. Reshaping our Social Capital Overview, Community Wealth Development, and rising true equality with self-sustainable Quality of Life Development. With the dedicated collective and transparent partnership with Circle Up Indy. Rising Evolution seeks to address redlining, social equality, housing assistance development, and perhaps most importantly, translating these resources to cultivate self- sustainability.

How it Works?

Rising Evolution focuses on community economic development through affordable homeownership via 3D Printed & Container Homes, moving residents from renters to homeowners, On-Site Affordable 3D Printed Home, and Container Home Development

Advantages of 3D Printed Homes


Faster to build

Better for the environment

More design options

Traditional Construction vs 3D Printed Homes

Traditional Construction

3D Printed Homes

A True Community Development Initiative