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MB7 (Martindale-Brightwood 7) Initiative To Address Social Equality and Socio-economic Trauma

With the MB7 (Martindale-Brightwood 7) initiative, local organizations seek to address social inequalities and socio-economic trauma in the Martindale-Brightwood area. Socio-economic trauma is a condition in which a community suffers from severe economic crisis largely due to social inequalities. Symptoms can include poor physical health, increased crime rates, untreated mental illness, untreated substance use disorders, high recidivism rates, underemployment, educational issues and many more. These causes are wide-ranging and therefore require a concerted effort by organizations and individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

As the recently released informational flyer (CLICK HERE TO VIEW PDF OF MB 7  HANDOUT) details several community organizations in the Martindale-Brightwood area will be targeting on some of these issues—seven priorities “that mark the route to long-term change for the neighborhood.” These areas include:

  1. 25th Street Corridor Renaissance: This community-driven project focuses on projects that forge neighborhood identity. Events, programs, and targeted developments will all enhance the 4-mile stretch from the Monon Trail to Sherman Avenue.
  2. Martindale-Brightwood Food Resource Network (MBFRN): The MBFRN supports a network of local growing centers that offer fresh, healthy, affordable food to MB residents. The Network will cast a larger net to include regional entities to achieve greater sustainability, outreach, education, and impact.
  3. Martindale Brightwood Education Zone (MBEZ) and Housing Village: The MBEZ helps children reach their maximum potential. Critical supports for parents and caregivers undergird students, and the well-coordinated, innovative, high-quality programs help every student advance.
  4. Leadership & Legacy Campus: A community linchpin and example of neighborhood renewal, the 13-acre Campus is home to Edna Martin Christian Center’s (EMCC) intergenerational programming—school-aged youth, preschool, and Senior Angels. The Campus development is part of the 25th Street Corridor Renaissance Project.
  5. Community Solutions & Entrepreneurship Center (CSEC): An EMCC collaborative initiative that creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It supports new and existing entrepreneurs of all ages in small business and social-capital development. The Center will also be a place where the community can come together to solve community problems.
  6. Community Voice News Network: Whether issues, entertainment, or encouragement, neighborhood news is best handled at the neighborhood level; and so the Community Voice News Network publications, YouTube channel, and podcasts will promote neighborhood events and issues.
  7. PACE Recovery Resource Center: The Center provides addiction recovery supports or information. Professionals and volunteers help men, women, families, and communities who need support after being affected by addiction.

The MB7 (Martindale-Brightwood 7) initiative is a bold plan to expand services, build economic opportunities and address social inequality and socio-economic trauma in the neighborhood, solidifying a brighter future for our community. Circle up Indy encourages residents to become actively involved and support this effort as Martindale-Brightwood continues to grow, evolve and develop!

Circle Up Indy

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